• What should I Wear?

    Clothes. From that point on, it's whatever you're comfortable wearing! We're more concerned with what's going on inside a person than with what they look like on the outside. From jeans to dress, just feel comfortable!

  • What should I expect

    Warm friendly people, engaging relevant music and worship, God’s word to be preached in a compelling way and an opportunity to meet God. You’ll be encouraged and maybe even challenged, but that’s ok. 

  • Will I Be pushed to do something I Don't want to do?

    No, you’re our guest. You will not be pushed to do anything you don’t want to do. We will not make you stand up in front of everybody as a first-time guest or introduce yourself. There are a lot of great people to meet and a lot of great things happening on a Sunday morning, but the level of your participation will be totally up to you. 

  • Do you have Membership?

    We do, but we don’t emphasize it much. However, only members can come to our potlucks. If you’re not a member–sorry, no food..........Only kidding. Pastor Tim holds a membership class periodically, usually during the Sunday School hour.  

  • What's The Music Like?

    We don’t own a pipe organ. We're not that old school. But then again, we aren't on the cutting edge either. Our music runs right down the middle. Some classic oldies, some newer ones. We have a small worship team and use drums, piano, keyboard, and guitar during our worship.